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Dog Boarding


At the Canine Country Club you can choose from several five star accommodation scenarios, depending on the size, age, temperament and number of dogs you will be boarding. If you are unsure of which accommodation would be best for your pet’s stay, one of our customer service representatives can help you make the right decision. 



For your special canine friends we offer spacious accommodations complete with a raised bed with lambs wool blankets and television. Playtime packages are required. Casitas are a nice cozy place for your dog to enjoy some peace and quiet. No puppies.

Deluxe Vacation Suites

Deluxe Vacation Suites

If you have more than one dog or one very large dog, consider one of our deluxe vacation suites. In addition to the amenities offered in our standard accommodations, these suites offer your pet more room to lounge and enjoy his or her vacation.

Dog sitting in a dog bed in the standard accomodation boarding area.

Standard Accommodations

The standard accommodation includes a spacious room, which is air conditioned in the summer and heated with radiant, in floor heating in the winter. At our locations, your dog will enjoy a two-sided indoor/outdoor room. Your dog will sleep comfortably on a lambs wool blanket in a suite designed for the most discriminating canine. Walls between our guests’ rooms provide the ultimate in safety and privacy for your dog. Each accommodation is sanitized throughout the day ensuring that our guests enjoy a clean and healthy environment.


We proudly serve Royal Canin to our Canine Guests. It is enhanced with vitamin-rich fish oils for healthy skin, lustrous shine, and overall health. High-quality chicken offers a rich, wholesome taste for normally active dogs. Essential vitamins and minerals support the immune system and help maintain good health.

A patented fiber source helps maintain colon health and enhance your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients. Royal Canin contains a patented carbohydrate blend of select healthy grains to help maintain normal blood sugar levels for sustained energy.

Does your dog have special dietary needs?
 If you would like to bring in your own food or have special feeding instructions, the staff at Canine Country Club will be happy to address your pet’s special needs.


$1.00 fee for each special feeding – You provide special food.

Activity Packages

Canine Country Club believes, and experts agree, that an active dog is a healthy and happy dog. Activities can range from high energy group playtime to peaceful belly rub times. With lots of space to play, Canine Country Club can truly be a vacation for your pet.

5 Star Dog Playtime

– Treat your pup to your choice of an All Day Play or two personalized playtimes – plus a specialty treat, and an extra potty walk. Pet Parents receive daily photo updates and an extended check out time of 7:00 pm!

4 Star Dog Playtime

– Upgrade your stay with your choice of an All Day Play or two personalized playtimes – plus a specialty post-play snack. Pet Parents receive daily photo updates and an extended check out time of 7:00 pm!

3 Star Dog Playtime

– Add a half-day of play or one personalized playtime to your stay, plus one of our scrumptious specialty treats!

Puppy Preschool

– A fun way for puppies to gain new experiences both individually and in a group to help avoid fear-based aggression in adult dogs. Required activity to board under 6 months of age.

Please note that the cost of activities is in addition to lodging.

Medications & Special Needs

At Canine Country Club you can be assured that your pet will receive five-star care. If your pet requires pharmaceutical treatment while under our care, trained staff is available to administer medications between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. 


Staff is able to administer pills and syrups, apply creams, powders, and eye drops, and clean eyes and ears, etc.. Medications are normally given at morning and evening feeding times; however, specific time schedule requests can be met if put in writing.

We understand that caring for your pet is of the utmost importance to you. In order to ensure the best possible care, we encourage you to provide CCC staff with written instructions for your pet’s medical care. Remember to label all medications.

Cost: Per administration: $1.00 (You provide medicine)

Special Needs

For pets with special needs please call us to discuss our service options. Our trained staff will be happy to make an expert assessment of the best accommodation for your pet.


Because we specialize in catering to healthy dogs and cats we regretfully cannot administer injections via syringe, including insulin. If your pet has stitches or staples, they will not be able to board with us. If the stitches or staples are removed less than two (2) weeks prior to your requested boarding start date, we will require a letter from your veterinarian confirming your pet’s readiness to board.


Canine Country Club staff will be happy to assess the condition of older dogs and puppies to determine their suitability for boarding. Please read our boarding requirements for dogs.


Dog Requirements Canine Country Club staff will be happy to assess the condition of older dogs to determine their suitability for boarding. For your pet’s comfort and safety, if a dog is determined to be at risk, we may recommend that your dog would receive optimal care at a veterinary facility, an isolated environment, or in an environment with 24-hour supervision.

Puppies: In order to board with the Canine Country Club, your puppy must be at least 3 months old, and have a full series of Canine Distemper. This precaution is taken due to the increased susceptibility of puppies to disease and as a protection for our older guests. Puppies must be at least 6 months of age, spayed or neutered, and have proof of all vaccinations to participate in doggy daycare.


Vaccine manufacturers very strongly recommend your dog avoid social situations up to 24 hours after receiving vaccines. Proof of all vaccinations is required for boarding and participation in doggy daycare and must be provided to our front desk staff at the time of, or prior to, your pet’s check-in.

Please send a copy of your pet's current vaccination records prior to arrival.

North Valley - email [email protected] or fax to (505) 388-0148 Westside - email [email protected] or fax to (505) 388-0161

  • Rabies – Current within one year

  • DHLPP – Current within one year

  • Bordetella – Current within one year

  • H3N2 – Current within one year

  • H3N8 – Current within one year

Puppy Preschool Schedule & Additional Requirements: (for our canine guests under 6 months of age) 3 months – 2 DHPP, 1st of K9 Influenza Series 4 months – Completed DHPP Series, Bordetella, 1st of K9 Influenza, Rabies 5 months – Completed DHPP Series, Bordetella, K9 Influenza Series 1st or complete, Rabies

Fleas and Ticks: All pets should be free of fleas and ticks. Pets showing signs of fleas and/or ticks will be bathed and dipped at the owner’s expense.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Check out time is 12:00 noon. Sorry – we are closed for drop-off and pick-up on major holidays. 

Dog Boarding Reviews

We value our clients’ experience at Canine Country Club & Feline Inn. Here’s what some of your neighbors are saying about our Dog Boarding services.

Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

My dog always has the best time! We typically leave her for 2-3 nights about once a year and she's always so happy to be there. She comes back with great report cards! :) The staff is competent, friendly, and you can tell they love their jobs. One of the guys was even sad to see my dog go home one day because he liked to play with her!

Alma G.

Our two dogs had never been boarded and were not sure how they would do. The older dog is a social butterfly, but the younger dog is still a puppy and a little skittish and afraid of new surroundings. So we didn't know if the younger dog would get spooked and the older dog would get protective of the younger dog creating problems. But fortunately, the two dogs had a blast and got along with the other dogs and the staff. The staff knows what they are doing and take excellent care of the pets in their care.

Kellie L.

Dixie is always happy when we pick her up after a stay at Canine Country Club West. She is very tired but not stressed and never reluctant to go back with the staff members when we drop her off. We are new to the area and our Real Estate agent, Sandy Levinson, referred us. It's such a comfort to know our baby is in good hands and happy when we need to get away a few days. Highly recommend this group and very thankful we found them.

Tina P.

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