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Puppy Preschool

Socialization. Potty Training. Good Manners. and FUN!

Puppies playing with Tennis Ball

Puppies (ages 3 to 6 months) have the opportunity to learn social skills

and puppy etiquette in a fun-filled, safe environment at Canine Country Club.

We enhance learning through:

✔️ Sessions with other puppies of all sizes to practice gentle play and socialization.

✔️ Crate training and potty walks spread throughout the day to help with housebreaking and leash skills.

✔️ Outside breaks at least 6 times a day for fresh air and comfort with new surroundings.

✔️ Interactive games and toys to develop problem-solving skills.

✔️ Consistent use of simple commands to reinforce good manners

Book as a standalone Daycare option or as an add-on to an overnight Boarding stay.

Two Puppies Cuddling


Wake up: Social or Individual Potty Walk

10:00 a.m.: Social Play Session* (20-30 min.)

12:30 p.m.: Social Play Session* (20-30 min.)

3:00 p.m. Social Play Session* (20-30 min.)

5:30 p.m. Social Potty Walk

Before Bed: Social or Individual Potty Walk

* Playtime includes lots of educational interactive toys and treats. We reinforce manners throughout your puppy’s day.

What your pet is learning and how you can reinforce good behavior at home.

Command: OFF

WHAT IT MEANS: Tells your dog not to jump or put their paws on something.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: When they jump on a visiting guest and when they sit somewhere you don’t want them to.

Command: LEAVE IT

WHAT IT MEANS: Tells your dog not to pick up something they are approaching.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: When they are about to eat something they shouldn’t (e.g., food, favorite shoes, plants).

Command: TAKE IT

WHAT IT MEANS: Teaches manners and patience. Partnered with the “leave it” command.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: After you say, “leave it” and your puppy leaves the object, you then say “take it” and hand them something even better (e.g., treat, toy).

Command: SIT / GOOD SIT

WHAT IT MEANS: Tells your dog to sit. Perhaps more importantly, it helps manage unwanted behaviors. Helpful Hint: A dog can’t sit and jump at the same time. By training your dog to sit, you’ve begun the work needed to prevent them from jumping

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: If puppy sits automatically instead of an unwanted behavior say, “good sit” and treat.

Command: GENTLE

WHAT IT MEANS: Reinforces calm play.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: When your pup starts to get too rough or wound up when playing, say “gentle” to practice calming them.

Command: SETTLE

WHAT IT MEANS: Prepares your puppy for nap time.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: Say “settle” and then walk your puppy into the crate (with a treat in hand). Place blanket over crate.

Command: NO BITE

WHAT IT MEANS: Teaches puppies proper manners for chewing, especially for those that are teething.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: Say “no bite” and once your puppy stops the biting, give them a toy or treat.

Command: OUTSIDE

WHAT IT MEANS: Cues our preschool puppies that they are going outside for a potty break.

HOW/WHEN TO USE AT HOME: Say “outside” when you are taking them for a potty break.

You may have noticed that we do not use “Heel,” “Down,” or “Come” during preschool. Those commands take longer training sessions with owner and puppy. Instead we focus on commands that reinforce puppy manners.

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Walk-in all daycare services are available Monday through Sunday from 6:30 am – 8:00 pm. Dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate and must be non-aggressive to food, people, pets and toys. All dogs must be at least 6 months of age in order to participate.

Puppy Preschool Reviews

We value our clients’ experience at Canine Country Club & Feline Inn. Here’s what some of your neighbors are saying about our Dog Daycare services.

I don't know how anyone has a puppy without Canine Country Club's Doggie Daycare Program. When our guy was smaller, he went to Puppy Preschool. Now, he is bigger and he goes 5 days a week to play with the "big kids". He is calmer around the kids at home and can focus better during our training sessions... training that is reinforced in Canine Country Club's Doggie Daycare Program.

stencil drawing of dog's face and body

Chrystal C.

Our little 4 month old puppy had an amazing stay. We were nervous leaving her being so little. She had treats, Puppy Preschool and was a happy little girl. Thanks for taking the anxiety out of boarding our little Leeloo.

stencil drawing of dog's face and body

Brandy B.

Cinnamon enjoyed playing with other small dogs. This socialization is something that she needs because I adopted her as a feral puppy. She has made much progress.

stencil drawing of dog's face and body

Sandy M.