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Grooming Healthy, Happy Pets


Have you ever tried to trim your feisty cat’s nails (ouch!) or give your large St. Bernard a bath in your not-so-large tub? Grooming your pet is extremely important, but doing so on your own can be a dif-fur-cult task. From brushing to nail trimmings, there are many ways to care for your dog or cat, and in addition to maintaining their appearance and cleanliness, grooming also helps maintain their health!

Here at Canine Country Club & Feline Inn in Albuquerque, we believe that a happy pet is a healthy pet, and recognize that an essential part to their overall health is grooming! Our commitment is to help ensure your pet’s health and well-being by providing pet grooming in Albuquerque that your cat or pup will not only benefit from but enjoy, too! Pets are our passion and we know that each of their grooming needs and routines will vary depending on their breed, fur type, coat length, etc. Below are some of the Albuquerque pet grooming services we off-fur at both of our locations and why they’re crucial to maintaining a healthy, happy pet!


Importance: Brushing is a mandatory part of any dog or cat’s grooming routine. Whether long or short coat or thick or thin fur, brushing helps remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff, and helps prevent knots and mats. Brushing regularly also helps bring out the natural oils of a pet’s fur and allows the opportunity to check for fleas or ticks.

CCC Grooming: We brush every pet according to their coat type in a way that gently removes tangles and complements the wave, curl, or coil of their fur. We also offer a Healthy Skin & Coat Treatment in which pets enjoy a three-step process using special formulas to lock in moisture and maintain water balance in their skin and coat. The results can be seen and felt in the overall improved appearance and softness of your pet!


Importance: The frequency of your pet’s bath will depend on their environment and coat type, but nonetheless all pets need baths! Cats mainly bathe themselves, but wiping them down or bathing occasionally can help maintain their cleanliness and comfort. Dogs, however, will need baths fairly often to rid of allergens and keep them dirt, flea, tick, and parasite free.

CCC Grooming: Whether your dog spent the weekend at the lake or just needs a routine bath, our Albuquerque pet groomers will make sure they’re clean and pristine again! We use a variety of specialty and medicated shampoos and conditioners to tend to the unique needs of your pet and enhance the luster and sheen of their fur! Our Shed Free Treatment is intended to do just that—limit your pet’s shedding! This six-step process includes specialized shed-free tools and products, such as moisturizing shampoos, nourishing conditioners, and a deshedding treatment solution.

Teeth Brushing

Importance: Pet dental care is extremely important, and here’s why: most dogs and cats over four years old suffer from periodontal disease. Just as in humans, periodontal disease is a condition where bacteria from built-up plaque attacks the gums and teeth. When pets eat or play their gums can bleed, which makes it possible for bacteria to enter their bloodstream and infect major organs such as the lungs, kidneys, liver, and nervous system. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth can prevent this while also keeping their smile bright and beautiful!

CCC Grooming: Using an antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash, our groomers gently brush your pet’s teeth. In doing so, we’re able to loosen plaque build-up, remove tartar, and improve the smell of your pet’s breath!

Nail Trimming

Importance: Aside from avoiding the pain of your pet scratching you, there are plenty of other reasons to trim their nails. If nails are too long, they’re at risk of being caught on something and torn off, broken, or splintered while playing or running. Overly long nails can also cause pressure and discomfort on a pet’s nail bed, causing them to pick at them or distribute weight differently, which can lead to further health problems.

CCC Grooming: Nail trimming can be difficult, but we’ve mastered it! We’ll get your pet familiar with their groomer and tools being used so that we’re able to carefully trim their nails and ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire process. Nail trimming is included in every grooming service but can also be scheduled separately.

Additionally, every pet who is groomed at CCC will get:

  • Nail trimmings

  • Ear cleanings

  • Blow dried

  • Bow or other accessor

Convenient Albuquerque Pet Grooming

Though grooming is necessary in maintaining your pet’s health, we understand that not all pet owners have the time, equipment, or experience to do it themselves—that’s where we come in! In offering the best pet grooming services in Albuquerque, we help care for pets and ensure that their skin, ears, eyes, nails, teeth, and coat are all in healthy condition. Did your pet roll around in the mud, get sprayed by a skunk or just needs to be groomed NOW? Don’t worry, we offer same-day appointments, just give us a call!

To schedule grooming services, call the location nearest you. Canine Country Club—healthy, happy pets start here!