Boarding Requirements


Feline Inn staff will be happy to assess the condition of older cats to determine their suitability for boarding. For your pet’s comfort and safety, if a cat is determined to be at risk, we may recommend that your cat would receive optimal care at a veterinary facility, an isolated environment or in an environment with 24-hour supervision.


In order to board with the Feline Inn your kitten must be at least 4 months old with a full series of all vaccines. This precaution is taken due to the increased susceptibility of kittens to disease and as a protection for our older guests.


All vaccinations must be current a minimum of 7 days prior to boarding. Proof of all vaccinations is required for boarding and must be provided to our front desk staff at the time of your pet’s check-in.For your convenience, records can be faxed in advance to: North Valley (505) 388-0148 or Westside (505) 388-0161.

Rabies – Current within one year.
FVRCP – Current within one year for cats; a minimum of 3 kitten shot combination.

Fleas and Ticks:

All pets should be free of fleas and ticks. Pets showing signs of fleas and/or ticks will be bathed and dipped at owner’s expense.

A Healthy Cattery is a Happy Cattery! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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