They Deserve a Vacation Too

When you go out of town, wouldn’t it be great if your furry friends could get a vacation of their own too? While you’re away, we provide the ultimate stay-cation for your pet. Our spacious facility provides a safe and exciting environment where your pet can run, jump, hop, fetch, curl up, and make new friends all under the supervision of our loving and professional staff.

Never Lonely at Doggy Day Care

Never feel guilty or worried again for leaving your four legged friend at home when you go to work! Doggy Day Care is the pet owner’s perfect solution! Rather than sitting at home and causing mayhem, your pooch can socialize, exercise, and get out all that energy in a healthy manner – just in time for when you clock out! They get to play, you get to know they’re safe!

About Us

You care about the happiness and safety of your furry friends, and we do too! At Canine Country Club and Feline Inn, we’ve spent over 40 years curating the perfect environment for pets to play, relax, and get pampered just as they would at home. We understand it’s hard to leave your pets under the care of someone else, and even harder still to leave them alone. We treat your pets with the love and respect they would get from their owners, all in a high-end, country club setting that offers heated floors, spacious boarding areas, and lots of head pats, belly scratches, and behind the ear rubs!

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