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Canine Boarding

At University Pet Resort we strive to pamper your pet and give them the best boarding experience possible.

We are proud to offer a state of the art facility featuring heated flooring, spacious accommodations and the comfort your pet deserves. During your pet's stay at University Pet Resort, they will receive top-notch care including plenty of exercise and TLC. Bedding, toys and walks are all included with boarding accommodations for dogs.

For the safety of all of our pets, we require that pets be up to date on all vaccines before boarding with us. These vaccines include: Bordetella, DHPP, Canine influenza (H3N3/H3N8) (Your pet should have both rounds of the 2-part Canine Influenza series in order to visit), and Rabies. We must receive proof of vaccines before your pet can come visit us. These vaccines can be administered at any veterinary hospital.

Additional Boarding Information

  • Toys or bedding from home are welcome and must be labeled.

  • Prescriptions may be given during your pet's stay and must be labeled in the original bottle. There is a per night charge for this service.

  • We are unable to administer controlled substance medications. If your pet has a controlled substance medication, special arrangements may be made for administering them. Please call us for more information

  • At University Pet Resort we offer several types of accommodations: Themed Villas, Garden Apartments, Family Suites, Indoor-Only Runs and Indoor/Outdoor Courtyard Runs.

No matter what type of accommodation selected, our staff at University Pet Resort will provide your pet with a "home away from home".

The Villas

The Villas are comfortable accommodations (6 ft x 6 ft), complete with a private entrance, window, and bedding. Perfect for elderly pets or doggies that simply love to be pampered.

$35.00 per night

$32.00 for an additional family member per night

The Garden Apartments

The Garden Apartments are open, airy suites located in the center of University Pet Resort. These 4 ft x 5 ft rooms are comfortably equipped with bedding, low private gates for socialization, and personalized pet care.

$28.00 per night

$26.00 for an additional family member per night

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is the perfect accommodation for social pets as they are able to see other pet guests. It consists of Indoor/Outdoor runs, enabling dogs to go in and out as they please during the day. At night they sleep inside on a comfortable blanket.

$35.00 per night

$32.00 for an additional family member per night

Bark Avenue

Bark Avenue includes Indoor-Only and Indoor/Outdoor runs. The indoor-only runs are 4 ft x 5 ft. The indoor-outdoor runs are 4 ft x 5 ft inside and 10 ft x 4 ft outside. All are completely covered and feature solid panels between dogs. This is the ideal spot for less social dogs. These spacious accommodations allow plenty of sunshine and exercise and are complete with a comfortable blanket for bedtime!

$35.00 per night

$32.00 for an additional family member per night

Family Suite

Family Suite - $37.00

Each Additional Dog - $34.00

Additional Prices

  • Medication (per day) - $5.50

  • Our food (per day) Small - $3.00

  • Our food (per day) Medium/Large - $4.00