Doggy Day Care

Daytime Care for Busy, Working Pet Owners
Why Doggy Day Care?

Dogs left at home unattended can exhibit destructive behavior. Our goal is to provide your dog with a safe and healthy play environment to enrich your dog’s spirit, increase your dog’s ability to socialize with hours of play to stimulate their mind, and exercise to maintain a healthy heart and weight.

At each location, we offer a 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. outdoor play area where all dogs are under the supervision of our highly trained staff. After a long day at work, chores at home, children, errands, and all the other things that are a part of a very busy life, it can be very hard to devote quality time to our four-legged friends. Doggy Day Care can help with your busy life and still allow you to have a loving, fun-filled relationship with your four-legged friend.

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Doggy Day Care Includes:
  • Available Monday – Sunday
  • Off-leash play
  • Lots of exercise
  • Burning off energy (for a calmer, mellower dog)
  • Doggy Day Care satisfies the pack instinct in dogs
  • Socialization: interacting with a variety of dogs from different sizes, breeds, personalities, drives, ages, and circumstances
  • Development of canine and human relationships over time and maturity from long-term, repeated visits
  • Mind stimulation
  • Safe and healthy environment
  • After a day of play and exercise, we offer treats from our yappy hour menu: non-dairy ice cream, frozen peanut butter bone, or an all beef hot dog
  • All treats $2.00 or as shown above with Passport package
Instead of being bored or destructive at home alone, your dog can be:

Socializing, Exercising & Learning
In a safe, fun & Stimulating environment
Enjoying daily treats
Experiencing Professional Grooming

Normal Rates

Dayboarding Available at both locations for the pet that may not like the company of others or the short term unexpected need. Full day of boarding in private room $32
Daycare Group organized play for dogs that are current on all vaccines, pass temperament assessments, are spayed/neutered and play well with others. Half Day $18 | Full Day / All Day Play $25
Save with Doggy Day Care Punch Card!
Plan Desc. No Passport With Passport
10 Day Passport 10 punches 5% OFF $250 $238
With Treat $270 $257
20 Day Passport 20 punches 10% OFF $500 $450
With Treat $540 $486
30 Day Passport 30 punches 15% OFF $750 $638
With Treat $810 $689
40 Day Passport 40 punches 15% OFF $1000 $850
With Treat $1080 $918
10 Day Passport (1/2 Day) 10 punches 5% OFF $180 $171
With Treat $200 $190

Doggy Day Care services are available for boarding pets. Additionally, walk-in all day services are available Monday through Sunday from 6:30am – 8:00pm. Dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate and must be non-agressive to food, people, pets and toys. All dogs must be at least 6 months of age in order to participate.

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