Dog Food & Treats

We proudly serve Royal Canin to our Canine Guests. It is enhanced with vitamin-rich fish oils for healthy skin, lustrous shine and overall health. High-quality chicken offers a rich, wholesome taste for normally active dogs. Essential vitamins and minerals support the immune system and help maintain good health. A patented fiber source helps maintain colon health and enhance your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients. Royal Canin contains a patented carbohydrate blend of select healthy grains to help maintain normal blood sugar levels for sustained energy.

Does your dog have special dietary needs?
If you would like to bring in your own food or have special feeding instructions, the staff at Canine Country Club will be happy to address your pet’s special needs.

$1.00 fee for each special feeding – You provide special food.

What’s all the barking about? It’s Yappy Hour! Yappy Hour is a special treat time party that happens every day of the week. Dogs enrolled in Yappy Hour are served nutritious “doggy ice cream” or all beef hot dogs.

Doggy Ice Cream: non-dairy yogurt $2.00/each
Hot Dogs: All beef hot dogs $2.00/each

Get Your Paws On A Great Vacation