Cat Food & Treats


We proudly serve Science Diet dry and Iams canned to our Feline Guests two times daily. Science Diet has been developed to meet the nutrient and energy needs of your feline friend. The unique antioxidant blend helps your cat stay healthy and live long. Enriched with Taurine, this formula helps maintain good vision and a healthy heart. Iams Canned Cat Food Formulas are a healthy addition to your cat’s diet. Each is made with wholesome ingredients, like real chicken, turkey, fish, lamb, or beef liver for great taste. And because the canned formulas have a superb taste, texture, and aroma, your cat will love the added variety.

Does your cat have special dietary needs?
If you would like to bring in your own food or have special feeding instructions, the staff at Feline Inn will be happy to address your pet’s special needs.

$1.00 fee for each special feeding – You provide special food.


What’s all the excitement about? It’s Yappy Hour! Yappy Hour is a special treat time party that happens every day of the week. Cats enrolled in Yappy Hour are served nutritious, tasty tuna treats. (Tuna is line caught / dolphin safe.)

Real Tuna Treats $2.00/each

Get Your Paws On A Great Vacation