Cat Boarding


At the Feline Inn you can choose from several five star accommodation scenarios, depending on the size, age, temperament and number of cats you will be boarding. If you are unsure of which accommodation would be best for your pet’s stay, one of our customer services representatives can help you make the right decision.

Accommodations vary by location as noted below:
North Valley = North Valley | Westside= West Side

Check out time is 12:00 noon. Sorry – we are closed for drop-off and pick-up on major holidays.

Standard Units

Our standard units are great even for the most discerning of feline tastes! Whether young or old, we’re confident your cat will love lounging around in this clean and cozy space. Add some individual playtime and ensure your furry friend gets some quality one-on-one care while you’re away!

Standard Unit: $21.00 North Valley

Balcony Units

Our balcony accommodation offers a clean and open sanitary indoor environment for your pet. While staying at the Feline Inn your cat will enjoy luxury sleeping on a lambswool bed with a view of the Feline Inn, nutritious meals, plus a second story balcony for your cat’s enjoyment.

Balcony Unit: $22.00 North Valley West Side
Balcony Unit (2 Cats): $28.00 North Valley West Side

Bay Window Room

In addition to all of the posh features of our balcony accommodation, your cat will enjoy lounging and watching the goings on in the world through his or her own picture window with plenty of sunshine streaming through.

Bay Window: $23.00 North Valley West Side
Bay Window (2 Cats): $29.00 North Valley West Side

Skylight Suite

Offering all the same amenities as our balcony accommodation, the skylight suite takes your cat’s vacation to the next level with extra space, dual level living and a skylight with plenty of sunshine streaming through. These suites are perfect for two or more cats boarding together.

Skylight Suite: $24.00 North Valley West Side
Skylight (2 Cats): $30.00 North Valley West Side
Each additional Cat in skylight add: $11.00 North Valley West Side

Get Your Paws On A Great Vacation