Why Canine Country Club?

Fun, Supervised Social Time

Just like us humans, it’s important for our dogs to socialize with others. We understand no one wants to leave their pooch at home when they leave for work everyday, and now you don’t have to! Doggy Day Care at the Canine Country Club is a great way for your pet to run, play fetch, socialize with other dogs, and even get a nice grooming! Whether they’re rolling around in the grass or just soaking up the sun, our program is supervised 100% of the time by our enthusiastic and caring staff. Your furry friend can get fresh air and treats, and you no longer have to worry about what they’re up to while you’re not around.

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Keeps Them out of Trouble

Let’s face it, we love our pets in spite of the messes they get into! No matter if you’re out for the day or are on a week-long business trip, when our furry friends are left alone, they often find themselves in some sort of trouble. Whether that’s hopping the backyard fence, knocking over your antique vases, or chewing on some expensive leather, the easiest way to avoid the chaos is to bring your pets to us! Our playful environment allows your dog or cat to frolic around or sleep in the sun all under the supervision of our staff. Rather than staying home alone and getting into what they shouldn’t, let them play at Canine Country Club & Feline Inn!

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We Treat Them like Family

Your pet isn’t like your family, they are your family! At Canine Country Club and Feline Inn, we know it takes a lot of trust to leave your furry ones in the care of someone else. You can be confident that when you leave your pet with us, they’ll receive the 5-star, celebrity treatment they deserve! As members of the Pet Care Services Association and with several Certified Pet Care Specialists on staff, pets and their owners can relax knowing they’re in capable, caring hands. We don’t just watch over your four legged friends, we give them the attention and space they need to continue leading their happy, healthy lives while you’re away.

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Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Forget the pet cam, ensure that whether you’re out at work or on vacation, your pet is staying out of trouble and getting the attention they crave! While it’s true that nothing beats the comforts of home, with our professional staff and clean, safe environment, cats and dogs alike can experience a sanctuary made just for them! For younger pups who want to socialize, or older cats who want peace and quiet, we have several boarding options to match the unique personality of your furry friend. With places to climb, toys to chew, and a secure space to roam, your pets would thank you for taking them to Canine Country Club and Feline Inn if they could!

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